Pilates in Devizes and The Vale of Pewsey

Core Control Pilates

Core Control Pilates is committed to offering quality Pilates instruction for clients in Devizes and the Vale of Pewsey, and for all abilities, either privately or in a group class.

With the dedication and proper instruction you will receive from our highly qualified instructors Pilates will help to improve your posture, flexibility, strength and balance helping you to move more freely and efficiently as well feeling great!

Our classes are held at New Body Barn which is set in an idyllic peaceful location on a farm in the heart of rural Wiltshire. Please visit our website.

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Matwork classes Pilates Matwork class

Pilates will correct imbalances so sound muscle recruitment patterns are encouraged and the body is realigned. Precise, controlled, flowing movements mean that muscle & ligament damage is avoided. Pilates plays a key role in many injury rehabilitation programmes in dance, sport and general practice as well as in the training programmes of top athletes.


Equipment studio Pilates Equipment studio

The equipment studio uses equipment unlike any other you may find in a gym. The reformers have a sliding carriage which uses springs and a pulley system to create the resistance used to facilitate many exercises which are performed in a variety of positions.

It incorporates more of Joseph Pilates' original exercises, which, like the matwork, involve full body movements, choreographed sequences and a particular emphasis on finding and using the powerhouse.


Personal tuition (1 to 1's) Pilates Personal tuition

Individual sessions include posture analysis and personal instruction on Pilates matwork and using the Pilates equipment. These sessions focus on your specific needs much more than in group classes and are suitable for beginners to advanced levels.


More information about joining a Pilates class in Devizes and the Vale of Pewsey can be found on our Pilates class descriptions page where you will find information to help you decide which Pilates class is the right one for you.

"Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit." Joseph Pilates

Pilates is available at New Body Barn, Devizes in the Vale of Pewsey.

The dedicated team of fully qualified Pilates instructors is lead by Core Control Pilates founder Christine Douglas. Read more about Christine and Core Control Pilates

Pilates matwork classes are conducted in New Body Barn, Devizes Studio 1 which is also available for hire.