Nordic walking in Wiltshire

Nordic walking in Wiltshire

Nordic walking improves your fitness and mental wellbeing whatever your age, level or goals.

It uses more muscles than normal walking, burns 20 to 46% more calories, is sociable, fun and being outdoors in the fresh air is a great tonic!

What is Nordic walking?
Nordic walking was originally a summer training regime for cross-country skiers. It's based on using specially designed walking poles in a way that harnesses the power of the upper body in order to propel you forward as you walk. Now it’s a recognised way to turn a walk into whole body exercise that can be done by anybody anywhere.

'Green' Exercise
The mood boosting effect of exercise has long been recognised and physical activity has been used to help those with depression and anxiety for many years. More recently studies for MIND have shown that ‘Green Exercise’ - getting active whilst being exposed to or connecting with nature, has an even more powerful effect.

Walking regularly is the most important exercise you can do both mentally & physically. In addition when using Nordic Walking poles correctly you use more muscles than regular walking which significantly increases the amount of calories burned without making you feel you are pushing yourself too hard.

The poles actually help to propel you along so you could be working as hard as if you were jogging but will feel comfortable, not too breathless and there will be no strain on the knees and joints that can sometimes occur with more vigorous exercise.

Who is Nordic walking suitable for?
Nordic walking is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Classes range from gentle walks for people with health concerns, to workout walks, which are a great way to improve fitness, lose weight and tone the whole body.

What equipment do you need?
You’ll need a pair of Nordic walking poles (which are different to those used for trekking due to how you use the strap and the angle you plant them on the ground) and walking shoes and appropriate clothing. Poles will be provided for walks with your instructor but you can also purchase some for you own practice - just ask your instructor for more details as it's important to get good quality poles.

What difference do the poles make?
When properly used, the poles take the weight off the knees and lower body joints – this makes you feel lighter on your feet and is great for those with joint problems. You also use more muscles in your upper body.

What's the technique?
You move in a similar way to ordinary walking and swing your arms from your shoulder with your elbows straight – think of a soldier marching. To get the full benefits and avoid injury, Gill Stewart of Nordic Walking UK recommends that you start with lessons to get the basic technique.

What are the health benefits of Nordic walking?
Regular Nordic walking can lower your risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers. Nordic walking can also be used as part of an exercise programme to lose weight.

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How do you get started?
It's recommended that you learn the technique from a qualified instructor by joining an introduction to Nordic walking session.

Coming soon:
Walks in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside around Devizes, Avebury, Marlborough Downs, Pewsey Vale, Stonehenge & Salisbury Plain.


Nordic Walking is available from various locations in Wiltshire.

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