Skin Lesion Removal (Cryotherapy) at New Body Barn, Devizes

What is cryotherapy for skin lesion removal?
Cryotherapy is the removal of skin lesions by freezing. The clinician uses a small pen shaped device called a ‘cyropen’ that uses nitrous oxide (N20) to rapidly cool the skin lesion. This causes the skin lesion to scab and fall off over the coming days and weeks which removes the skin lesion.

What is a typical appointment?
Appointments are very quick, as most skin lesions only require 5-10 seconds of freezing for treatment to be effective. Some skin lesions, such as warts tend to need several follow up appointments, spaced 2-3 weeks apart for treatment to be fully effective.

Is cryotherapy painful?
Most patients report a stinging/ burning sensation or a slight numbness to the area being treated. This is only temporary and also depends on several factors such as what part of the body is being treated or a patient’s skin type.

What skin lesions can we treat?


There may be some redness, blistering, discomfort to the area treated. Expect the wound to scab over, which is part of the healing process and is a desired effect from treatment.

Following treatment, we advise:

Skin lesion removal is available at New Body Barn, Devizes in the Vale of Pewsey.

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