James Patrickson – Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner at New Body Barn, Devizes


James is a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. He has been qualified since 2004. He offers private 1 to 1 sessions. His hours of work are flexible and can accommodate the needs of each individual.


Hypnosis is a natural state of altered awareness. James will use the natural states of hypnosis by suggesting positive messages while in hypnosis. The hypnotherapist will send positive messages to the client while they are in trance. The positive suggestions can help the individual change limiting beliefs.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic programming is a pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. This in conjunction with Hypnotherapy can change limiting beliefs of an individual to improve someone's life for the better.


James can help you with the below list, however the list is not exhaustive:


"James is a very skilled and gentle practitioner. He's helped me control some flashbacks and memories that were dominating my everyday thinking. I have been able to turn down some loud unpleasant memories and recall some happy memories that were long forgotten. As a result, my sleep has improved and I can better function. I am happy to recommend James' service and I' so glad I gave it a go." - Liz Brown

"I recently had a session with James for a phobia and it's definitely helped me a lot. I thought I could never get over my fear until now. Would definitely recommend James also a very welcome and kind man." - Sarah Fruen

"James has done fantastic work with my daughter (aged 7). She was having trouble dealing with her emotions and temper and this often came out in very prolonged tantrums that left her physically and emotionally drained. We tried numerous techniques from books and advice from friends but it was getting worse not better. I was at my wits end. James had 3 sessions with Ella. 1 per week. I noticed a difference in her behaviour after the first session. She didn't immediately start screaming when she didn't get her own way and she took more time to actually listen to the reasons behind why she couldn't have it her own way. She obviously wasn't a changed person, she will always be passionate and fiery and we never want to change that. We just wanted to help her develop skills so that she could see how to express herself in a positive way and make herself heard rather than just by having tantrums. James used games and talking methods to help Ella visualise the consequences of her actions and to help her see more constructive ways of expressing her displeasure. He was always very 4 kind, friendly and patient and even helped me see how to change my behaviour to help my daughter. I would highly recommend James. He is very professional and has made a really positive change within our family." - Mia Houghton

"I had a really positive session with James; I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never looked into any kind of therapy before now, but James made me feel at ease straightaway and I wouldn't hesitate to turn to this again if I feel I need it. I came away feeling much clearer and positive about my situation." - Vicki Gulliver, Salisbury.

James will be pleased to welcome you at New Body Barn. Please mention New Body Barn when making contact.
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