Julia Outlaw - MSTAT MACantab - Alexander Technique at New Body Barn, Devizes

Julia Outlaw

Julia completed 3 years full time training at the Westminster Alexander School and has been an STAT qualified Alexander Technique teacher for 15 years, working with individuals and groups of all ages.

"Suffering from stress and back pain in my early twenties, painkillers and other therapies offered little improvement. After four Alexander sessions the pain was gone. The lessons not only cured the pain, long term, but also brought many other benefits including increased confidence, improved posture, and a sense of calm. Pursuing training and intensive retreats I realised the Alexander Technique offers a path to real mindfulness - an awareness of yourself in each moment including, critically, your body, not just the thoughts in your head."

Post-graduate training

Julia has experience of working with many different presenting issues including pain, parkinsons, scoliosis, muscular dystrophy, depression and anxiety and rsi. She has completed post-graduate training in Alexander Technique for voice and singing, performance, pregnancy, for children and teenagers and subtle energy work.

Julia Outlaw back

Julia is also an experienced leadership and personal coach and believes there is value in this kind of talking therapy. She also strongly believes that real change and relief only comes when the body is firmly included - and can come much quicker. Whether pupils come with a physical or an emotional or mental issue or need, Alexander work can shift something holistically and clear a path for something new.

"I am continually attracted by the Alexander Technique for its soft, yet powerful, impact. Though nothing is imposed (the emphasis is on learning rather than being 'treated'), each individual is encouraged to question and discover for themselves what they are currently doing, and to choose if they want to keep doing it."


"Julia's clear, gentle teaching and sense of fun makes learning the Alexander Technique a delight. Even when I arrive distracted, stressed and exhausted from the pressures of work, I would leave feeling once more fully present, at home in my body, and ready to take the whole of myself into addressing the needs of the moment calmly and freely." Inez

"Learning the Alexander Technique with Julia has personally helped me to realise it’s not so much what I needed to do with my posture, but more what I didn’t need to do! In other words I was trying too hard to be correct. This made me more relaxed about my posture and thus contributed to improving a bulging disc issue I had." Kolan

Julia Outlaw knee

"I had never tried Alexander Technique before starting sessions with Julia. I've found that what I've learned so far has eased tension in my body, reducing my stress levels and the number of headaches I used to get. I will keep coming back!" Katherine

"Julia works miracles. I've loved learning Alexander Technique from Julia. I come out of every lesson feeling taller, more relaxed and more peaceful. I find the Alexander Technique such a powerful way of improving the health of my body and mind. I've worked with five or six Alexander Technique teachers and Julia is my favourite. She has a lovely style and approach that makes it a very relaxing experience whilst you’re learning." Andy

"My lessons with Julia have transformed the way I think about everyday movement and she has taught me how to listen to and engage with my body. She is a calm, intuitive, caring teacher and I am forever grateful to her for enabling me to manage my back pain." Emily

"In the ten years I have had the privilege of working with Julia, she has taught me so much. As a teacher, she reassures and inspires in equal measure. In a calm but profound way, she has helped me to connect to my physical and mental core, particularly at times of stress and uncertainty. Her teaching has the same effect on me as a walk through an ancient woodland, listening to a beautiful piece of music, a hug with my daughters. A reconnection back to something fundamental and intrinsic." Tamsin

"Julia provides a really reassuring and supportive atmosphere at every lesson. Each lesson starts at the place that you arrive at, with no judgement. Her guidance is gentle, she exudes her craft and encourages you to develop your own self awareness."

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Julia will be pleased to welcome you at New Body Barn. Please mention New Body Barn when making contact. Email Julia: or call 07825 818255