Alexander technique at New Body Barn, Devizes

Alexander Technique for natural ease in body and mind

The Alexander Technique is gentle, yet powerful. It is a way to become more aware about how your mind and body work together so that you can look after yourself.

The Alexander Technique has become known as 'good posture for bad backs', and it has been proven to significantly help back, and other, pain, long term by improving overall postural tone.

Developing subtle mind-body connections however offers many other benefits- you don't need to have pain to benefit from learning it!

Developing an improved sense of yourself and your habits can bring:

Pupils also report improved breathing, better digestion and improved flexibility.


How does it work?

Using the Alexander Technique, we can explore how your body is designed to function, finding a more natural way that cooperates with gravity and improves postural tone.

We can examine whether you’re using unnecessary muscles to perform simple movements, placing undue strain on your body. And we can explore how you react, both physically and mentally, to external events and how much choice you have in this happening.

What are lessons like?

Lessons are normally around 45 minutes, and start with a short consultation where the consultant can answer any questions and you can highlight any particular issues or goals you may have.

Together you can experiment with 'doing less' - either moving, sitting or lying down (fully clothed). A sensitive touch from trained hands can help you observe what is 'going on' and help you recover natural poise, energy and ease. It requires you to both relax and to stay aware - it will make sense when you try it!

This is not a 'quick fix' or remedial treatment, but an education for long term differences that can stay with you for life. Having said this, most will feel some benefit after just a few lessons.

Alexander Technique is available at New Body Barn, Devizes in the Vale of Pewsey.

New Body Barn is delighted to offer the services of Julia Outlaw who is a sensitive and experienced Alexander Technique teacher who has been teaching for fifteen years.
Read more about Julia here.


Alexander Technique is conducted in New Body Barn, Devizes Treatment Room which is also available for hire.